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  • 2013

    I first arrived in Boa Vista in 2013. After witnessing the poverty in Baracas en having talked with some locals, I decided I had to do something. When I came back to the Netherlands, I told my wife and children about everything I had seen. After collecting nearly 60 kg of toys, school supplies, and clothing, we moved to the island to see what we could do.

  • 2014

    Then I met Artur and together we decided that the people can have a better life if they speak English, and can work with computers. So we started to teach English and Computer classes end organizing the Baracca Tours.

  • 2015

    Then we moved to Sal-Rei to build up our business. To earn some extra money, we opened a small snack bar selling Dutch delights like the frikandel and other deep-fried foods, e.g. puntzak Belgium fries, chicken nuggets, hamburgers. We also expanded the tours (island tours, snorkel tours, etc.)

  • 2016

    In 2016 we started handing out medicine like paracetamol, ibuprofen etc. In December we invited Santa Claus and his elve to give the children of Boa Vista a fantastic Christmas. Everybody could take a picture with Santa and received a cookie from him.

  • 2017

    Gradually our company started to become more known in the area. There are more and more tourists who want to help us with money, goods, advice or advertise for us.

    We have met doctors who love to advise about how we can the people even better. En there are people who are trying to find sponsors for us.

    We met had people who send us a ton of stuff, people who came with suitcases filled with gifts, German tourists who translated this website into German en a fantastic person who completely redesigned this website. And not to mention a stubborn but fantastic doctor with her husband who we are eternally grateful for. And many and many more wonderful people.

    We have also been able to organize our Christmas event under our own management this year, and we again had the help of several tourists, including a nice German couple who were here for the second year to help. Thanks in part to the help of many tourists, this year we had a nice gift for every child in the Baracca and on the main square. That year we gave away almost 1000 gifts!

  • 2018

    A new year, with new opportunities. This year we hope to help more people on the island, and also the people from the other villages. We also have a nice project in mind for this year, so hopefully we will succeed!

    We met a few very nice people, and we can now realize our first donation points in the Netherlands this year. Hopefully we can do even more for everyone!