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The current situation on Boa Vista

At the moment, a very distressing and urgent emergency is developing on the island. Due to the Corona virus, tourism has come to a complete standstill. Thousands of inhabitants of Boa Vista, many of them already very poor, are left without income. And thus without food... We have been able to distribute food packages to 400 people, but we need much more to be able to make a difference. It seems that we are only at the beginning of a much bigger crisis and thus we are doing everything we can to raise more money to feed people. We are deeply concerned about the whole situation.

Therefore, we would like to ask you whether you if would like to help us and especially the inhabitants of Boa Vista. One way or the other: donations, tips, referrals, action plans ... we are accepting everything and can really use all the help that we can get!

What are we going to do with your donation?

Corona help

Together with the army, we are handing out food-packages. One food package costs €3 and contains 2 kg of rice, sausage or beans, 2 maggi cubes and 2 onions. This can feed a family with two children for two days. For just €21, we can feed the same family for two weeks.

How to donate

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Or donate by bank transfer:

CV64 000 30000 85 111 2931 0176
BCA Bank, Sal-Rei
BIC/Swift code: BCATCVCV

In the name of:

Lars de Bie
Rua 1° de maio
Sal-Rei, Boa Vista.
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