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How we help the island

We believe that everyone has the right to enough drinking water, food, education and health care. Unfortunately, that is still not the case on Boa Vista. Through tourism there are fortunately more and more people who get a job, but the wages are very low, and the costs of living are very high.

We distribute medicines, food and clothing. We also organize activities for the children such as craft days, games days with old Dutch games such as cake caps, tin canning, etc. We also give sports lessons and we try to assist people with advice and action. At Christmas we always try to make a special party, with gifts, cookies and of course Santa Claus !!

Thank you for your help, because together we can make the world a bit more beautiful!

How to help without money

Donate goods

​If you want to gift something instead of donating money, then you're more than welcome to do so! The people can always use the following items:

  • Pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Clothing
  • Toys

If you live in the Netherlands, we now have several donation points where you can donate goods.

So if you want to donate a nice doll, backpack, puzzle, toy car, or other toys, you can bring this to one of our collection points in the Netherlands.

You can find them in Meedhuizen, IJmuiden, Amsterdam, Sassenheim, Hardenberg and Naaldwijk.

Everything you would like to donate is welcome!

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