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This activity takes ~ 8 hours | We will pick you up at your hotel | This activity requires at least 4 people, but a VIP tour is always possible

On this tour you will be picked up at your hotel and brought back again. The duration of this tour is about 8 hours and shows you the most beautiful spots of Boa Vista. Do not forget to bring sunscreen, plenty of water, swimsuits, and some food. And most importantly, bring your camera or phone to capture this fantastic day!

What will you see during this tour?

Important: you can always choose to swap or skip destinations. You decide what you want to see!


Here is an old pottery that is still in use, it is run by a Cape Verdean. Many of the handmade items, such as ashtrays, vases, lamps etc., can be found in the hotels and resorts. There is also a souvenir shop where you can always find something nice like a turtle, mask or colorful vase. All souvenirs are 100% made in Boa Vista!

The Viana desert

Many beautiful oasis can be seen in the vast desert. Despite the fact that it rains very little on Boa Vista, there are still several large trees in the desert. The sand is very nice and has an almost 'golden' color. Because there is always a wind, the fantastic sand dunes 'jump' every time.

Povoação Velha

This village is the oldest village on the island with the first inhabitants. It is also the second largest village of Boa Vista and since 1980 no longer the capital. At the edge of the village there is a hill with the first church of Boa Vista. This is no longer in use but can be visited. From there you will have a magnificent view over Povoação Velha.

Praia da Varandinha

The 'cave' is largely ingrained by erosion, so there are several holes and caverns where some birds make their nests. Because of this, different birds can be seen, such as the Cape Verde sparrow, the sandalwood, the ringed plover, the rainwink and many others. Here you can sit in the shade, explore the rocks or just have a swim or enjoy the beautiful view on the beach.

Santa Monica

According to many, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. An 18 kilometer long beach that is (still) untouched. With the sea on one side and the mountains on the other hand, this is a great opportunity to create extraordinary photos.

The waves are more powerful than at Sal-Rei, but in the summer is the sea quieter. With a bit of luck, you can spot whales during their mating-season

The North

On the way to the north you often see different animals, such as donkeys, cows, lots of goats and of course birds. If you look around, you will occasionally see a house in the distance that is still inhabited. At one of the villages we stop to have a real Cape Verdean meal. You can think of tuna, swordfish, pig, cachupa or goat.

Cabo Santa Maria Shipwreck (Optional)

This Spanish cargo ship was en route to Brazil and Argentina, but sank near the coast of Boa Vista in the early morning of September 1, 1968. Since then the boat has been a symbol of Boa Vista and a source of inspiration for many artists. Our tours are very personal and can be customized during the ride, so there is the possibility to visit this ship.